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  1. As Iran-U.S. Tensions Rise, Hezbollah Readies for War With Israel
  2. Gibraltar extends detention of Iranian tanker for a month
  3. Navy warship sunk by German sub in WWII finally located
  1. Texas teen arrested for spitting in tea bottle and putting it back, police say
  2. Ramush Haradinaj, Kosovo's 'Rambo' ex-PM and Serbian antagonist
  3. The Navy's 6th Generation Fighter Could Put the F-35 in a Museum
  4. California city set to ban gendered words like 'manhole' and 'manpower'
  5. Hong Kong Protesters Who Stormed Legco Seek Asylum in Taiwan: Report
  6. Ukraine's president says he backs prisoner swap with Russia
  7. Satellite images ‘show US military buildup in Saudi Arabia’ amid Iran tensions
  8. How Nicaragua’s Sandinista Revolution Was Resurrected—and Betrayed
  9. Bernie Sanders campaign reportedly resists unionized staff demands for $15 per hour
  10. Father charged with murder after driving two sons with severe autism off California pier
  11. Panic as strong quake shakes Athens
  12. UPDATE 1-China's intelligence law looms over EU 5G safeguards -official
  13. France turns down citizenship for immigrant nurse because she 'works too much'
  14. See the 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 Driving on the Road Undisguised
  15. Hong Kong protesters use signals, Post-its to hone skills
  16. Journalist reporting on immigration released from ‘inhumane’ US migrant detention centre after 15 months
  17. Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif: We Can't "Discount" Possibility of War
  18. Jon Stewart Eviscerates Rand Paul for Blocking 9/11 Victim Funding: ‘It’s an Abomination’
  19. A prisoner was 'likely innocent' for 25 years, and prosecutors knew the whole time
  20. S. Korean man kills himself as dispute with Japan escalates
  21. U.S. intelligence chief creates election security position
  22. Correction: Puerto Rico-Protests-Miranda story
  23. Man arrested after allegedly raping 4-year-old girl in McDonald's play area bathroom
  24. Wasp spray leads to 3 deaths in West Virginia after being used as alternative meth
  25. Boris Johnson Faces a Fight for Survival Before He’s Even Won
  26. Brazil's Petrobras refuses to refuel Iran ships due to US sanctions
  27. The U.S. Marines Might Be Souring on Amphibious Assault Ships. Here's Why.
  28. View Photos of the Lexus GXOR Concept
  29. New Hampshire lawmaker Werner Horn: 'Owning slaves doesn't make you racist'
  30. Trump and progressive Democrats want the same thing – and Pelosi is in the way
  31. Germany honors resisters who tried to assassinate Hitler
  32. Cyprus detains 12 Israeli men over allegations of gang rape of British teenager
  33. CORRECTED-UPDATE 1-Vietnam says Chinese vessel violated its sovereignty in South China Sea
  34. 'Uncomfortable:' Reaction to Greenville Trump rally pours in from across NC
  35. Squeezed by sanctions, Iranians seek day jobs in Kurdish Iraq
  36. Here's What Happens When People Actually Approach Area 51
  37. Russia's Military Is Transforming (And Getting Stronger) Right Before Our Eyes
  38. 'Clearly a racist act': After biracial boy dragged by school bus, school settles lawsuit
  39. 'My entire world was gone': floods devastate northern Pakistan
  40. Lawsuit: North Dakota officers used 'violence' on protester
  41. Five guys arrested for fighting at Five Guys burgers in Florida
  42. Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin complains about current U.S. lunar ability
  43. Earthquakes repeatedly striking proposed US nuclear waste site
  44. View Photos of the 2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO
  45. The Man Who Started the Area 51 Raid Says Things Have Gotten a Little Spooky
  46. U.S. amphibious group patrols Arabian Sea as Iran tensions simmer
  47. Court docs show Hope Hicks in contact with Michael Cohen during hush-money discussions
  1. Dispatch: South African army struggle to contain gang war driven by deprivation and bitter legacy of apartheid
  2. China Southern Airlines to receive $4 billion capital injection
  3. UPDATE 1-Iran says UK-flagged tanker was in accident with fishing boat and "ignored distress call"
  1. Reuters Entertainment News Summary
  2. Reuters Health News Summary
  3. Reuters People News Summary
  4. Reuters Science News Summary
  5. Iran says British-flagged tanker was in accident with fishing boat
  6. Service resuming after 7 New York City subway lines stopped
  7. UPDATE 2-"I don't have words": Boss of torched Japan studio mourns bright, young staff
  8. Hawaii officials want a peaceful end to telescope protests
  9. Events fall as mercury rises; moon commemoration called off
  10. Work on old oil well may have caused California spill
  11. 1 killed, 4 injured when Alaska flight aborted on takeoff
  12. Counties: Drug companies shipped suspicious opioid orders
  13. U.S. should reject 'prejudice' on China religious rights - state media
  14. Florida sheriff to investigate Epstein's work release
  15. Most of 34 victims in Kyoto Animation arson attack in 20s and 30s -NHK
  16. Florida woman accused of assault over pizza slice
  17. Black lawmaker: White man said 'Go back where you came from'
  18. The Latest: Mayor: No National Guard for telescope protests
  19. UPDATE 2-Riding horses and banging drums, Puerto Ricans demand that governor quit
  20. The Latest: New York subway service returning to normal
  21. Power station fires knock out service on hot day in Madison
  22. The Latest: Troopers identify man killed in Alaska plane
  23. The Latest: Cause of transmission fires still unknown
  24. Reuters US Domestic News Summary
  25. Reuters World News Summary
  26. César Pelli, Argentine architect behind the Petronas Towers, dies aged 92
  27. The Latest: Facebook mulls response to private posts ruling
  28. Judge to give Motel 6 settlement preliminary nod in suit
  29. 'Horrific for all': Pentagon intelligence chief says Iran does not want war
  30. 2 Utah polygamous group members plead guilty in tax scheme
  31. UK operator of seized Stena Impero says vessel in compliance with regulations
  32. FACTBOX -From hidden space heroes to artists, 10 women written out of history
  33. Appeals court upholds Trump move to drop mine pollution rule
  34. The Latest: Judge to give nod to Motel 6 settlement
  35. UPDATE 2-Saudi king approves hosting U.S. troops to enhance regional security -SPA
  36. Officials: US putting troops back in Saudi Arabia
  37. UPDATE 2-White House to host meeting with tech executives on Huawei ban -sources
  38. Chicago's elusive gator settles into new home in Florida
  39. Second ex-Credit Suisse banker pleads guilty in Mozambique loan scheme
  40. 3 sentenced for violence at Virginia white nationalist rally
  41. NSA contractor sentenced to prison for huge theft of classified U.S. data
  42. NSA contractor sentenced to prison for huge theft of classified U.S. data
  43. UPDATE 1-Lockheed awarded $1.48 bln Saudi missile defense contract -Pentagon
  44. Cuba says fuel shortage, blackouts are temporary, being fixed
  45. UPDATE 1-Trump renews attacks on Democratic congresswomen
  46. Sandra Day O'Connor's Arizona home makes National Register
  47. Nevada child dies after bounce house blown into power lines
  1. Iran says British tanker seized because of collision
  2. Iran crisis: British oil tanker seized in Strait of Hormuz as UK shipping warned to avoid area in Gulf
  3. Oliver Stone Asks Vladimir Putin to Be His Daughter’s Godfather
  1. Iran Guards seize British-flagged tanker in Strait of Hormuz
  2. Bloody Ridge: The Horrific Korean War Battle You Never Heard About
  3. US forming 'coalition' of navies to protect ships amid Iran tensions
  4. StanChart Whistle-Blower Says U.S. Missed Billions in Trade
  5. 'Horrific for all': Pentagon intelligence chief says Iran does not want war
  6. Officials: US putting troops back in Saudi Arabia
  7. An Open Secret: Russia Will Never Become a Stealth Fighter 'Superpower'
  8. Pompeo rejects North Korean charges on military drills
  9. 'Bigger problems' for Trump than plastic straws
  10. Women in Japan Fight for Their Identity — Starting With Their Name
  11. Mnuchin, Kudlow Invite U.S. Tech Giants to Discuss Huawei Ban
  12. Iran seizes 2 vessels as Strait of Hormuz conflict escalates
  13. Trump: Sen. Rand Paul to help with Iran negotiations
  14. UPDATE 1-Britain says seizure of two vessels by Iran is unacceptable
  15. Britain says seizure of two vessels by Iran is unacceptable
  16. Seized British-flagged tanker in Gulf had turned off its tracker, ignored warnings - IRNA
  17. Iran Seizes British Oil Tanker In Strait Of Hormuz
  18. Mueller probe witness now faces child sex trafficking charge
  19. Iran Seizes British Oil Tanker, Escalating Tensions With Western Powers
  20. Iran Guards say they confiscated British tanker in Strait of Hormuz
  21. Second tanker in Gulf turns sharply towards Iran, Refinitiv data shows
  22. Russia's Military Is Transforming (And Getting Stronger) Right Before Our Eyes
  23. Lebanon lawmakers ratify austerity budget to address a slump
  24. UPDATE 1-Trump tells France's Macron U.S. concerned with proposed digital services tax
  25. Trump tells France's Macron U.S. concerned with proposed digital services tax
  26. Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps seizes British-flagged, Liberian-flagged tankers in Strait of Hormuz
  27. British-flagged tanker seized by Iran in escalation of Gulf tensions as second ship also veers off course
  28. EU plans to offer Boris Johnson a no-deal Brexit extension- The Guardian
  29. Drone targets base for Iran-backed militia in northern Iraq
  30. Trump Bemoans Request to ‘Get Involved’ in Seoul-Tokyo Dispute
  31. WRAPUP 9-Iran says it seized British tanker, denies U.S. brought down drone
  32. Kosovo’s Premier Unexpectedly Resigns to Appear at War Crimes Court
  33. U.S. Wants to Hear From Top Iran Leaders After Downing of Drone
  34. Ivanka Trump and senior Republicans distance themselves from rally chants of 'send her back'
  35. The Amazon Is Brazil’s, Not Yours, Bolsonaro Tells Europeans
  36. What One Famous Yale Professor Would Have Said About a War with Iran
  37. Kiev offers to swap jailed Russia journalist for filmmaker Sentsov
  38. Egypt: At least 20 killed in airstrikes in northern Sinai
  39. UPDATE 1-U.S. will shoot down any Iranian drones that fly 'too close' to its ships, official says
  40. US targets senior Hezbollah operative with sanctions
  41. Iran claims US shot down its own drone by mistake
  42. George Nader, Witness in Mueller Probe, Hit With New Charges of Sex Trafficking
  43. Sudanese opposition seeks postponement in deal with military
  44. Britain kicks off review of regulating finance after Brexit
  45. New EU chief must piece together diverse top team
  46. Tripoli parliament warns of airstrikes by Hifter's allies
  47. Ukraine's president says he backs prisoner swap with Russia
  1. Does U.S. women's soccer deserve equal pay?
  2. After fighting for 9/11 victims, Jon Stewart turns to Warrior Games
  3. Kevin Love talks anxiety, depression and the time he thought he was going to die mid-game
  1. Viola Davis’s message to white women: ‘Get to know me’
  2. Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys’s husband, says hip-hop industry lacks compassion
  3. Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Is 'Having the Time of His Life' in Prison, Snooki Says

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Bill Quinlan is a professional web consultant with over 20 years experience in operations management, business analysis and web development.

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Although the term 'Ajax' was coined in 2005, most histories of the technologies that enable Ajax start a decade earlier with Microsoft's initiatives in developing Remote Scripting. However techniques for the asynchronous loading of content on an existing web page without requiring a full reload date back as far as the IFRAME element type (introduced in Internet Explorer 3 in 1996) and the LAYER element type (introduced in Netscape 4 in 1997, abandoned during early development of Mozilla). Both element types had a src attribute that could take any external URL, and by loading a page containing javascript that manipulated the parent page, Ajax-like effects could be attained.

Microsoft's Remote Scripting (or MSRS, introduced in 1998) acted as a more elegant replacement for these techniques, with data being pulled in by a Java applet which the client side could communicate with using JavaScript. This technique worked on both Internet Explorer version 4 and Netscape Navigator version 4 onwards. Microsoft took first advantage of these techniques in Outlook Web Access supplied with the Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 release.

The web development community, first collaborating via the microsoft.public.scripting.remote newsgroup and later through blog aggregation, subsequently developed a range of techniques for remote scripting in order to enable consistent results across different browsers. Early examples include JSRS library from 2000, the introduction of the Image/Cookie technique in 2000, and the JavaScript on Demand technique in 2002. In 2002, a user-community modification to Microsoft Remote Scripting was made to replace the Java applet with XMLHttpRequest.

Remote Scripting Frameworks such as ARSCIF surfaced in 2003 not long before Microsoft introduced Callbacks in ASP.NET.

Since XMLHttpRequest is now implemented across the majority of browsers in use, alternative techniques are used infrequently. However, they are still used where wide compatibility, small implementation, or cross-site access are required. One alternative, the SVGT protocol, employs a persistent connection for continuous exchange between browser and service.

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In computing, the term service-oriented architecture (SOA) expresses a perspective of software architecture that defines the use of loosely coupled software services to support the requirements of the business processes and software users. In an SOA environment, resources on a network[1] are made available as independent services that can be accessed without knowledge of their underlying platform implementation

A service-oriented architecture is not tied to a specific technology and may be implemented using a wide range of interoperability standards including RPC, DCOM, ORB or Web Services. SOA can be implemented without any of these protocols, and might, for example, use a file system mechanism to communicate data conforming to a defined interface specification between processes conforming to the SOA concept. The key is independent services with defined interfaces which can be called to perform their tasks in a standard way, without the service having pre-knowledge of the calling application, and without the application having or needing knowledge of how the service actually performs its tasks.

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