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Bill Quinlan is a professional web consultant with over 20 years experience in operations management, business analysis and web development.

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  1. Trump administration drops plan to send migrants from southern border to Florida, elsewhere
  2. Dozens rescued from Oklahoma floods as storms swamp central U.S.: officials
  3. Eiffel Tower climber in custody after daring ascent
  1. Iraqi Shiite figures warn US-Iran war could 'burn' Iraq
  2. Missing girl Salem Sabatka found safe after 'heroes' lead Texas police to her kidnapper
  3. Ford to cut 7,000 jobs, 10% of global salaried staff 
  4. 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Restoration Is A Work Of Art
  5. Austin Eubanks: Columbine shooting survivor found dead in Colorado, aged 37
  6. 9 Cool Things We Learned Driving the Spectre Land Rover Defender
  7. China Warns About ‘Unwavering Resolve’ to Fight U.S. ‘Bullying’
  8. DHS: 2018 saw increase in migrant naturalizations
  9. Is Biden out of touch?: Today's Toon
  10. AP Explains: How Yemen's rebels increasingly deploy drones
  11. F-16 fighter jet crashes into warehouse near March Air Reserve Base in California
  12. Al Jazeera suspends two journalists over Holocaust report
  13. Blast injures South African tourists near Egypt's Giza pyramids
  14. US Border agent accused of hitting migrant with truck after using racial slurs
  15. 'DM me': Warren wins over comedian with Twitter quip
  16. Democrats Closer to Seeing Trump Finance Records With Ruling
  17. Ukraine's Zelenskiy calls early elections as he disbands parliament in first act as president
  18. Mountain region of Slovakia named best destination in Europe 2019: Lonely Planet
  19. 11 people killed in reported gun attack at bar in Brazil
  20. 'Nowhere for the water to go': Tornadoes, rescues, flooding swamp Central US day after 19 tornadoes
  21. These impossibly sleek Pixel 4 renders look so much better than the iPhone 11
  22. UPDATE 2-French widow sues Boeing for at least $276 mln over Ethiopian crash
  23. Hospital did not alert authorities about woman charged in Marlen Ochoa-Lopez's brutal murder: child welfare agency
  24. Saudi Arabia warns Iran it will respond ‘with all strength to attacks’ as US increases Gulf patrols
  25. President Trump blasts Fox News, Joe Biden and 'artificial lights' at Pennsylvania rally
  26. Video shows N.J. officer punching teen during arrest
  27. Stocks Hit Record and Rupee Climbs as Exit Polls Herald Modi Win
  28. Tonight make salmon that flakes apart in buttery chunks
  29. Secret Service Officers Are Being Sent to the Border
  30. Anker’s true wireless earbuds fix everything wrong with the other brands’, and they’re down to $45 today
  31. PHOTOS: Vivid Sydney 2019
  32. Boeing acknowledges flaw in 737 MAX simulator software
  33. Qatar not invited to emergency Arab summits in Saudi Arabia: Qatari official
  34. Abortion ban: Georgia prosecutors refuse to enforce 'heartbeat' law
  35. Second opinion on DJI Osmo Action, the GoPro killer
  36. GMC Limits the Sierra's New CarbonPro Bed to a Pricey Option Package
  37. 5 Catalan separatist leaders escorted to Spanish Parliament
  38. Is Iran Testing Trump With Little Attacks in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the Persian Gulf?
  39. Police arrest suspect who allegedly killed 1 officer, wounded 2 others
  40. Best Tech Deals in May 2019
  41. Chips are down: Huawei U.S. blacklisting knocks semiconductor stocks
  42. Save Big on These Top Notch Cuisinart Grills and Smokers
  43. Australia's conservatives secure majority government: ABC
  44. Google changes policy to block misleading ads for anti-abortion groups
  45. If You Crash a Mercedes-Benz in the Future, It Could Deploy a Robot to Warn Other Drivers
  46. Kashmir group seeks UN probe into torture by India troops
  47. President Trump Warns Iran Not to Threaten U.S. Or it Will Face its 'Official End'
  1. U.S. garlic growers profit from trade war as most farmers struggle
  2. Trump expected to tap ex-Virginia attorney general for immigration post: official
  3. Dozens rescued from Oklahoma floods as storms swamp central U.S.: officials
  1. Trump appeals ruling allowing Congress to see his financial records
  2. Senators urge Volkswagen to end delay in Tennessee union election
  3. Two more racehorses die at Southern California track: media
  4. With shelters at 'max' California border agents drop migrants at bus station
  5. Rural Iowans ponder Trump alternatives as China trade war drags on
  6. U.S. Border agent accused of calling migrants 'savages' before knocking one over
  7. Supreme Court gives Merck another shot to avoid Fosamax lawsuits
  8. White House does not need a 'strongman,' Hickenlooper says in 2020 policy speech
  9. Alabama police arrest suspect in shooting death of officer
  10. U.S. Supreme Court sides with Native American elk hunter
  11. Missouri governor expected to sign eight-week abortion ban into law
  12. U.S. Supreme Court rejects Iraqi man's torture-related deportation challenge
  13. U.S. Supreme Court takes no action in Indiana abortion cases
  14. Billionaire pledges to pay off Morehouse students’ debt
  15. Kamala Harris proposes equal pay measure to close gender gap
  16. Atlanta college graduation speaker pledges to pay off students' debt
  17. Trump may pardon military men accused or convicted of war crimes: New York Times
  18. Suspect arrested in Detroit murder that sparked serial killer fears
  19. Bernie Sanders proposes U.S. education overhaul in appeal to black voters
  20. U.S. embassy issues Indonesia security alert ahead of election results
  21. Migrant families being flown to San Diego from Texas in U.S. border crisis
  22. Nearly 180 former Ohio State University students claim sexual abuse by doctor
  23. New York seizes state's oldest credit union after ex-CEO's embezzlement plea
  24. Former 'slave' in New York sex cult says founder ordered naked meetings
  25. Prosecutors say NYC policewoman sought murder of her husband and 14-year-old girl
  26. Detroit police deny 'serial killer' rumors sparked by woman's murder
  27. As Fed seeks policy advice, officials visit a struggling New Jersey city
  28. California utility in big 2015 gas leak had failed to probe leaks for decades
  29. Illinois governor eyes $41.5 billion plan to rebuild state's infrastructure
  30. Nearly 180 former Ohio State University students claim sexual abuse by doctor
  31. Detroit police deny 'serial killer' rumors sparked by woman's murder
  32. New York seizes state's oldest credit union after ex-CEO's embezzlement plea
  33. Corporations, events face boycott threats over U.S. abortion laws
  34. Former 'slave' in New York sex cult says founder ordered naked meetings
  35. Trump says 'good chance' Democrats will back his immigration, border plan
  36. Net neutrality supporter sentenced for death threats to FCC Chairman Pai
  37. Second U.S. appeals court rules Trump cannot end protections for 'Dreamers'
  38. Architect I.M. Pei dies at age 102: New York Times
  39. Factbox: Selected works of architect I.M. Pei
  40. Alabama boycott builds as states retaliate against abortion law
  41. U.S. citizen arrested during protests in Nicaragua killed in prison shooting
  42. F-16 pilot ejects before jet crashes into California building
  43. California bill to expand privacy protections fails
  44. Alabama executes man convicted of 1997 quadruple murder
  45. U.S. Speaker Pelosi opens door to more funds for border migrant crisis
  46. Tennessee executes man convicted of wife's murder three decades ago
  47. Tennessee executes man convicted of killing his wife
  1. Seeing red in unfair green deals
  2. From women’s rights activist to Supreme Court chief: meet Meaza Ashenafi
  3. Europe’s sanctuary movement: Why churches enter immigration debate
  1. Kevin Love talks anxiety, depression and the time he thought he was going to die mid-game
  2. Is there a crisis with our boys? Expert says they need love, not discipline
  3. Aly Raisman on Larry Nassar assault: Sometimes people forget I'm still coping with it
  1. Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys’s husband, says hip-hop industry lacks compassion
  2. Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Is 'Having the Time of His Life' in Prison, Snooki Says
  3. 'Avengers: Endgame' tops 'Star Wars,' breaks previous pre-sale record

Welcome to my website

Bill Quinlan is a professional web consultant with over 20 years experience in operations management, business analysis and web development.

This site is written in ColdFusion MX 7 is ADA section 508 compliant and incorporates XHTML 1.0 "Transitional" standards.

I demonstrate the use of Ajax for the RSS feeds scrolling below. I also utilize a basic Service-oriented architecture SOA to leverage redundant services.

Please visit my resume site to see a sampling of some of my clients.

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Although the term 'Ajax' was coined in 2005, most histories of the technologies that enable Ajax start a decade earlier with Microsoft's initiatives in developing Remote Scripting. However techniques for the asynchronous loading of content on an existing web page without requiring a full reload date back as far as the IFRAME element type (introduced in Internet Explorer 3 in 1996) and the LAYER element type (introduced in Netscape 4 in 1997, abandoned during early development of Mozilla). Both element types had a src attribute that could take any external URL, and by loading a page containing javascript that manipulated the parent page, Ajax-like effects could be attained.

Microsoft's Remote Scripting (or MSRS, introduced in 1998) acted as a more elegant replacement for these techniques, with data being pulled in by a Java applet which the client side could communicate with using JavaScript. This technique worked on both Internet Explorer version 4 and Netscape Navigator version 4 onwards. Microsoft took first advantage of these techniques in Outlook Web Access supplied with the Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 release.

The web development community, first collaborating via the microsoft.public.scripting.remote newsgroup and later through blog aggregation, subsequently developed a range of techniques for remote scripting in order to enable consistent results across different browsers. Early examples include JSRS library from 2000, the introduction of the Image/Cookie technique in 2000, and the JavaScript on Demand technique in 2002. In 2002, a user-community modification to Microsoft Remote Scripting was made to replace the Java applet with XMLHttpRequest.

Remote Scripting Frameworks such as ARSCIF surfaced in 2003 not long before Microsoft introduced Callbacks in ASP.NET.

Since XMLHttpRequest is now implemented across the majority of browsers in use, alternative techniques are used infrequently. However, they are still used where wide compatibility, small implementation, or cross-site access are required. One alternative, the SVGT protocol, employs a persistent connection for continuous exchange between browser and service.

Please see for more information on AJax.

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In computing, the term service-oriented architecture (SOA) expresses a perspective of software architecture that defines the use of loosely coupled software services to support the requirements of the business processes and software users. In an SOA environment, resources on a network[1] are made available as independent services that can be accessed without knowledge of their underlying platform implementation

A service-oriented architecture is not tied to a specific technology and may be implemented using a wide range of interoperability standards including RPC, DCOM, ORB or Web Services. SOA can be implemented without any of these protocols, and might, for example, use a file system mechanism to communicate data conforming to a defined interface specification between processes conforming to the SOA concept. The key is independent services with defined interfaces which can be called to perform their tasks in a standard way, without the service having pre-knowledge of the calling application, and without the application having or needing knowledge of how the service actually performs its tasks.

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